DFK Gray Perry, Adelaide

We provide a comprehensive range of financial and commercial services to small–medium sized businesses. Our clients represent a cross-section of all South Australian business types and operate across retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing, medical, farming, transport and wine.

If your business requires taxation advice, the preparation of tax returns for the Australia Tax Office, general business advice or liaison with ASIC we can assist with sound and innovative services.

Ideally we work with our business clients closely, acting as part of the senior team. This enables us to provide a considerable knowledge base for you to draw upon to maximize the success of your operation. With an understanding of your business, our role is to promote the export and import of relevant ideas, products and services and then provide appropriate tax advice and support when developing structures, identifying resource needs, or undertaking feasibility studies.

If your business requires Auditing solutions we have a strong, mature team for this complex role. Our audit clients include super funds, real estate trust accounts, travel agent trust funds, not for profit organisations and membership organisations.

If you’re an individual such as an investor in property, shares or another form of passive investment we can set up self-managed super funds and provide the accounting and tax treatment for these structures.

Our membership of DFK International means we can draw upon a dynamic, innovative, national and international knowledge bank and skill set, further expanding the range of leading-edge financial services we offer your business.